Jamendo is a music website and community with the following features:
Until October 2015, music from the catalog was distributed on the terms of various licenses of Creative Commons (formerly also Free Art)
Audio files in MP3 format (used to create files in Ogg / Vorbis format, old albums are still available in it, in the form of ZIP archives)
In advanced search mode, you can search for music based on the type of license
Built-in advisory system
Tags and reviews, allowing to discover new musical talents
Voluntary donations to musicians and singers through PayPal
Previously the albums could be downloaded completely using BitTorrent and eDonkey
Initially, the music on the site was submitted under the Creative Commons license, or Free Art. Since October 2015, music is no longer available under the Creative Commons license, however, music files in low quality can be listened for free.
According to the article on the Jamendo business model, the voluntary donations used by the system are the first serious attempt to pay the work of singers and musicians at the expense of a site with public files. In January 2007, Jamendo implemented a model in which part of advertising revenue went to authors of works. While sites like YouTube still implemented plans to provide authors with a portion of advertising revenue, Jamendo announced that the authors (singers, musicians) retain 50% of the advertising and almost 100% of the donations from visitors to the Jamendo site.
The Jamendo server is located in Luxembourg. At first the interface of the site was only in French, but now it is translated into English, Italian, German, Spanish and Polish.
The name is a contamination of two musical words: «jam» and «crescendo.»
In April 2008, a special interface for finding torrents in MP3 and Ogg / Vorbis appeared.
/////Jamendo is a music website and an open community of independent artists and music lovers. It bills itself as «the world's largest digital service for free music»