National Geographic

National Geographic
National Geographic Society is an American society promoting geography.

The company was founded on Jan. 13, 1888 by 33 men in the Washington Cosmos Club. Gardiner Greene Hubbard was elected the first president of the company on January 27, 1888. After his death in 1897 his son-in-law Alexander Graham Bell followed him. The purpose of the association was and is to bring geographic knowledge to the public.

To this end, it funds geographic research projects and publishes a monthly magazine, National Geographic Magazine (later National Geographic), the first issue of which was published 9 months after the company was founded. In 1905, editor-in-chief Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor founded the actual photojournalism, for which the magazine is known as a trademark with its spectacular color photographs as well as excellent map supplements and the characteristic yellow border (yellow border).

Popular science journal
First edition 1888
Sold Edition> 2,000,000 copies
Editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg
Publisher National Geographic Society
ISSN (Print) 0027-9358