Google-Duble logo styled French portal. Not bad idea, not bad try. Look it.

Qwant is a French company that was founded by security specialist Éric Leandri, investor Jean Manuel Rozan and search-engine expert Patrick Constant in 2011. It launched its eponymous web search engine in July 2013. It claims not to employ user tracking, and it doesn't personalise search results in order to avoid trapping users in a filter bubble.

The website processes well over 10 million search requests per day, spread over its three main entry points: the normal homepage, a 'lite' version which mimics Google's homepage, and a 'Qwant Junior' portal for children that filters results.
The company claims it makes money through commissions it receives when users visit websites like eBay and Tripadvisor from its search results.

In March 2017, press articles suggest that Qwant search results are mainly based on Bing search results, except in France and Germany. Qwant also confirmed the use of Bing advertising network.

The search engine entered public beta in 16 February 2013, after two years of research and development. The service initially launched on 16 February 2013, as a beta version, with a stable version released on 4 July 2013. A new version was made available in April 2015.
Qwant offers several ways to filter results to areas of interest:

Shortly after the release, some observers expressed doubts about the nature of Qwant. According to them, Qwant may not really be a search engine but simply a website aggregating results of other search engines like Bing and Amazon, and that the «Qnowledge Graph» is based on Wikipedia. The company has rejected the reports and asserts that they do have their own Web crawler and used other search engines in their primary developmental phase only for semantic indexing related purposes.

While respecting privacy, the terms of service state that these may be changes at any time:
«Qwant reserves the right to unilaterally modify these terms of service to adapt to the future developments of the site and/or its operation».

The early versions of Qwant copied many design cues from Google.
In March 2017, news articles revealed Qwant displays mainly search results from Bing, except in France and Germany, despite several commitment to be exclusively «made in France».