Viberate - the website for musicians

Viberate - the website for musicians

Viberate is a decentralized, blockchain-based live-music database and talent marketplace for musicians.
European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” initiative named Viberate as one of top 8 startups predicted to disrupt the global music market.

The company claims its platform to be a music ecosystem, as the database covers booking events, event organizers, and musicians, and user groups include music professionals, fans, and musicians.

Viberate being a crowdsourced platform, is said to reward VIB tokens to its users who contribute new content to the platform, add new profiles, improve the existing content, and promote the platform on social media.

This platform is said to work on two levels:

On a B2B level, the platform works as a marketplace, a network, and a targeted advertising platform. The event organizers are allowed to book musicians directly through Viberate. The negotiation and payment are backed by the blockchain technology and company’s own cryptocurrency, VIB Token, respectively.

On a B2C level, the platform allows event organizers to sell the event tickets on a decentralized system with no involvement from the intermediaries. Fans are also allowed to resell the purchased tickets on a secondary market.